This 2 channel video installation and floor sculpture forms the project, Our Work Is Never Done, expresses our individual and collective traumas.

Performed before the Holocaust Memorial in Leipzig, Germany, and the Hannah Administration Building at Michigan State University, my actions form a ritualistic process of cleansing, healing, and transformation by channeling the past. The white linens refer to the shrouds used for covering the dead in Jewish burial practices. They also reference a site of gender-based violence.

 Like my two performances, the large form of layered and stained linens is generated by the same ritualistic process. Fading in and out of this vast, unfolding landscape is the sound of plunging linens into water. Echoing the pain carried into the cloth, the sound is synchronized with the two video projections, like a call and response between my body and my built memorial. Together, they amplify the voices of generations who suffer physically and emotionally through acts of violence and inhumanity.